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1st & 3rd Thursday
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2nd Thursday
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Officers for 2018-2019:

Jim Doak
Immediate Past President
Carolyn Stephenson
1st Vice President

Bryan Gray

2nd Vice President

Scott Young

3rd Vice President Roger Pavan

Cynthia Hiatt

Treasurer Ken Moon
Lion Tamer
John Bell
Tail Twister
Mike Hiatt
LCIF Coordinator
Dave MacInnis
Membership Comms Chair
Charles Herriot
Membership Chairperson
Carolyn Stephenson
Directors - 1 Year

Bill Dyer
Elizabeth Price

Directors - 2 Year

Audrey Daga


Assistant Officers:


Honorary President
Barry MacDonald
Assistant Secretary
Elena Mattacchione
Assistant Treasurer
Assistant Lion Tamer

Ken Harris

Assistant Tail Twister

Bryan Gray



District Officers (Partners):


District Governor JC Lagrange (Elena Mihu)   705-454-2401
1st Vice District Governor Debbie Dawson   905 260-4599
2nd Vice District Governor

Glenn Conduit (Maria)   905 895-3645
Region Chair
Paul Crowe   905-640-8100
Zone Chair
Barry MacDonald (Sharon)   905-436-6114


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